The membership payment process will work a little differently this year. You will no longer receive an invoice, either in the mail or electronically. Last year was our pilot with the new membership system and this year we will move to a self-serve model. The instructions below outline how you can purchase your membership. You must have purchased a membership prior to entering the pool area, no exceptions.

1. Visit to the
membership system website

2. Login with your credentials. Click "Forgot your Password" if you have any issues.


3. Click "Memberships" from the top menu.


4. Determine which membership you wish to purchase and select "sign up".

5. Select the members you would like on your membership in the Membership Information Section".  NOTE - you can adjust the members available by selecting My Account > My Profile.

6. In the Annual Dues dropdown, select the full payment (which applies a 10% discount before January 1st) or select 3 monthly payments to have your card charged the first of each month. NOTE - you do not receive a 10% discount unless you pay in full and you must sign up before January 1 to have the 3 payment option. Additionally, if you have any prior balances on your account then you will see these balances in the initiation fee field, which must be paid in full at the time of purchase.


7. Update the child care pass if you have a primary care giver, baby sitter, grand parent that may help out over the course of the season. This is offered at no charge for one person per membership. Please use this feature responsibly.


8. Select "Continue to Payment" and enter your credit card information. 


9. Select "Agree" to the conditions and "purchase Now"

Click here to access the new membership system.

Thank you in advance for your support in this effort. Please contact 
ramaswimclub@gmail.com with any questions.

Pay your dues in full before January 1st and you will receive 10% off annual dues.

May - Sept. - 704.364.3384

Year round - ramaswimclub@gmail.com
6109 Wheeler Dr. Charlotte NC 28211 US