Assessment to Rama Members in 2018

The Rama Board met at our annual strategy meeting in January and made important decisions that we believe will put our swim club in a better financial position moving forward.

You may have noticed damage to the plaster in the deep end during the 2017 season. We have made numerous repairs over the years costing thousands of dollars, all in an attempt to avoid replastering the pool. The time has come to stop applying band aid fixes and do a full replaster prior to the 2018 season, which comes with a cost of $50,000 -$60,000. We have acquired financing for this work; however, we have determined that additional steps are necessary to ensure the longevity of our swim club.

 We have established a captial account, aka a reserve or escrow account. This new capital account will be funded each year with a percentage of annual dues, initiation fees, and silent auction proceeds. Additionally, all members are being assessed a fee this year which will help build reserves in this account, help offset the burden of the debt and prepare for short and long-term capital improvements.

Assessment amounts will be: 

Family: $250 
Standard (formerly individual/couple): $175
Senior: $150

Important Notes

  • Assessment fees must be paid before entry into the pool will be granted
  • New members (because they will be required to pay the initiation fee) will not be assessed. Because of system limitations, you will see an assessment fee when purchasing a new membership; however, the initiation fee will be reduced, so that the two combined total $800.
  • Any member who leaves the pool club this year and returns in the next 5 years will be assessed when they rejoin.
  • Volleyball members will not be assessed in lieu of a $25 annual due increase.
  • Tennis members will not be assessed in lieu of a $50 annual due increase.
  • A more detailed plan will be published in the near future outlining short and long term projects, many of which will be made possible as a result of the new capital account.


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